Oscar hosts & nominees to get Gold Xooms from Motorola: Charging $800 from us to make up for the costs Moto?

February 23, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

And we wonder if the stars also need the mandatory 1 month data plan to get WiFi going on the Xoom. Of course, clad in gold plating and custom leather casing and all, the Xoom will probably get enough airtime thanks to the big names from tinsel town carrying it around. That should make Motorola happy as all they are obviously trying to do is ensure that people see the Xoom as something the stars from Hollywood would sport.

And whether someone likes it or not, there are enough people out there who will buy commodities because someone they love was spotted with it. Basically, the publicity that this will get Xoom will do it no harm and should only further sales, to some extent at least.

While we are all stuck with the normal black Xoom and pay $800 for it, Motorola goes on a distributing spree to people who can afford it for twice the price and would care less for what version of Android is running inside (If they recognize the term in the first place, that is). Some way to offset costs!

This is all good news for Moto though and the fact remains that anyone else could have done the same thing ahead of them. But, will this still have any real value come March 2nd and the iPad 2, is the bigger question. Of course, all this could blow up if someone walking the red carpet gets handed the gold Xoom as cameras are rolling and they ask, “So is this like an iPad?”

Wait and see if that happens…

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