MacBook Pro Line-Up to get a refreshing new look in 2012: Apple’s cyclic rehash on its way next year for Pros

February 23, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Apple likes to refresh and change the direction of the MacBook Pros once every 2 to 3 years and while that has not happened this year, reports indicate that an overhaul is on its way this time next year. The current MacBook 2011 series will be out in the open tomorrow, while we already have had leaked specs, features and photos on offer. Light Peak, which Apple likes to call Thunderbolt has been the major talking point so far with the 2011 series of Pros.

The next line of MacBook Pros for 2012 is already in the works in Quanta in Taiwan and the successors of 2011 Pros will feature a whole new design, to take it forward in a new way. While there is no other indication as to the way in which they are shaping up (or leaks), we have a whole year to try and guess or imaginatively speculate on that.

So, while Apple is already making ready in a brand new way for a release scheduled for a year later with the MacBook Pro 2012 Series, we will for now focus on the 2011 Pros and all they bring to the table.

Check Out the specs and more of the 13-inch MacBook Pro of the 2011 Series leaked ahead of the official launch.

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