Apple iPad 2 on March 2, Claims Latest Leak

February 23, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Hot leaks from Apple are something to write about. Multiple sources have reportedly confirmed about a yet to be announced press event from Apple. The event, which is scheduled on March 2nd, is expected to witness the unveiling of one of the most expected devices from Apple. Yes, the iPad 2 !

The latest grapevine hints at the press event for launching iPad 2 will be held most probably in San Francisco.

The device, consolidating all the info leaked so far, is expected to feature a high resolution display which will be claiming a lot of lime light post-launch.

Expected to be thinner than its predecessors, the device is rumored to have an excellent camera for video chatting.

Interestingly, the news about the Apple press event leaks just two days prior to the launch of another industry rival Motorola Xoom.

The leak placed in the tech news sphere at this time, when considering the sources from which the leak broke out, raises serious doubt that the leak is really a publicity attempt from the tech giant.

However, chances are high that this news will make at least some of the potential Xoom buyers to wait till March 2nd.

However, we will have to wait to confirm the real stuff in this leak. We hope we will be able to give an update soon. Till then, stay tuned.

Apple is rumored to hold a press even on March 2nd to launch iPad 2

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