White iPhone 5 to be out in summer of 2011: Apple’s White iPhone 4 could be a thing of the past even before release!

February 22, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

This is a bit of a rumor out of the dark. If this is indeed true, then there is absolutely no point in buying the White iPhone 4, be it on Verizon Wireless or AT&T. You can just hold out a bit longer and go for the White iPhone 5 itself. Why settle for the previous version when you have the next-gen iPhone on hand and that too clad in that currently-rare pristine white?

The White iPhone has been a topic of discussion for long and while we had release date after release date for it, the latest confirmed news from Apple is that it would be out shortly. They sorted out their whole ‘matching white keypad’ issues recently and shipping is underway. But what the delay has effectively done is that you have the iPhone 5 (both black and white) knocking on the door by the time White iPhone 4 is ready.

The news from the leaks is that the White iPhone 5 will sport touch panel supplied exclusively by Wintek and they are already in the making. Even if that is true, Apple might hold on to it a bit longer than the black version to ensure that enough people take up the white iPhone 4. You do not want the next gen iPhone hot on heels of the previous one in White.

While it might be sometime before we can confirm this one way or another, what is certain is that we will not have any problems in getting the White iPhones now on… hopefully!

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