Sony planning on new PlayStation 3 consoles that cannot be hacked: Possible Features, Price and Release details

February 22, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

New PS3 SKU that is aimed at taking the hackers out of the game- That is what Sony is currently planning on getting done. But instead of solving the existing problem, this only sees many new ones crop up. The most important one being, what happens to all the existing PS3s? You know, those in our homes and the ones that are in stores and in stock. Does Sony look to recall the ones in stores? Will they update them in some way?

The news stems from reports that Sony is pretty pissed with the latest battle with hackers and wants to put in a new root key to ensure that all the problems are put to rest. This hacker-proof new PS3 unit will apparently feature 300GB hard drive and will come with a price tag of £186.99 (around $300). The Release rumors point that these new PS3 units could be out very soon indeed. That sounds all good except the fact that we are all stuck with the previous PS3 units.

Maybe Sony will give away those in shops right now for a discount after the hacker-proof PS3s start arriving. But, with the jailbreaking community announcing yesterday that they can worm into Sony’s PSN and unban themselves, we are seeing Sony now going all-out in an attempt to make the PS3 devoid of hacks. Let’s see how long this one lasts…

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