PS3 160GB Price Tag coming Down: Retailers in UK slash the prices of PlayStation 3

February 22, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

We earlier today reported how Sony was planning on launching a new PS3 that will be slim and hacker=proof in an effort to combat the PlayStation jailbreaks. The new slim consoles with 300GB were reported to be getting ready for a release soon. That news and these price slashes might not really have anything in common eventually. But we thought it was still worth pointing out.

HMV in the UK are reportedly selling the 160GB PS3 for a discounted price of £179.99 ($296). Amazon is offering the very same model for £196.00 ($318) along with home delivery. Curry’s are also offering it for the exact same price as Amazon online. As far as HMV go, their £179.99 price is only for ‘in-store’ purchases and not online bookings, which cost £249.99!

Amazon is offering the same 160GB PS3 in the US for $280 and so that is still a bit less than what is going on in the UK at the moment- after the ‘new price slashes’. Of course, we always take these currency conversions with a grain of salt. So in case you want to get a 160GB PS3, tight now is not a bad time at all.

Unless the rumored slim hacker-free PS3 is coming with 300GB inside!

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