Motorola Xoom on Verizon Wireless available for $600 on contract: Xoom LTE Update to be available for free when out

February 22, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

We knew a while ago that Motorola’s Honeycomb Tablet- Xoom, would set you back by $800 in case you are willing to buy it outright. Now Verizon has announced the on-contract price of the Motorola Xoom and signing on the dotted line for a two-year term will save you $200, compared to buying it off the shelf without one.

For those thinking about the data plan on offer, you can get 1GB of 3G data for $20/month. Remember that you can use WiFi as well and it need not always be 3G. So that could make things a bit better for you when it comes to the data plans. But the good news is that Verizon is willing to offer LTE upgrade when it does come for free.

While we do not know exactly when that will roll out (indications point to somewhere in Q2), whenever it is, it will be offered for free. At this point, it does seem like the $200 rebate is something that is worth grabbing, but with time retailers could bring Xoom’s price further down.

So, like the Xoom on Verizon Wireless with the new price tag? Not happy with the data plans?

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