Macbook Pro 2011: New Pro line-up set for release could feature Glass Trackpads?

February 22, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

We touched yesterday on the possible Release Date and the Price of the new line of Macbook Pro laptops that seem set for a launch very soon. But, with the release event getting closer, there are new details and possible specs and features that are now being floated around. While we would take most of those with a grain of salt, more than one source is pointing towards the ‘Glass Trackpads’ feature.

The Glass Trackpads feature is something that might see a few changes in the Macbook Pro 2011. With the Glass Trackpads rumored to be larger than the existing Trackpads on the Pro, there will probably be a bit of tinkering with the keyboard design as well. One can see in the past models of the Macbook Pro that there is not much of a space between the Trackpad and the keyboard. Now, if we need a larger Trackpad, the keyboard might have to resize and reshape a bit.

A lighter weight Macbook Pro is also being expected, though it will still be nothing like his ‘Air-ness’ in lightness. So, while we wait and see if the reported Feb 24th release date and the Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors inside the Macbook Pro will happen, we have another feature to keep track of- the Glass Trackpads!

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