Kelly Brook, Fallen Angel

February 22, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Facebook gaming takes another crazy turn for the worse this week with the arrival of Fallen Angel, an OTT example of promotional gaming that is little more than one long advert for Lynx deodourant.

Kelly Brook, Fallen Angel

However what is notable about the game – also available on Xbox 360 – is that it features top glamour model Kelly Brook. Lynx’s new manly fragrance is named “Excite” and is apparently to tempting even angels will fall, and that’s pretty much the aim of the game – to tempt Lynx angel Kelly Brook to fall from heaven.

But it’s more than just a game – the aim of the game is in fact a real-life prize. By completing different tasks, gamers (presumably guys) can unlock the next level, spurred on by personal messages from the Lynx angels as they get closer to the ultimate prize – the chance to party with Kelly Brook in person, who says of the role “I can’t wait to see who can tempt me from heaven.”

This isn’t the first time a promotional game has been created, and it probably won’t be the last – but the inclusion of lads mag favourite Brook – a former fiance of Hollywood actor Billy Zane – is likely to see this game be one of the top Facebook attractions over the coming months.

If you’re ready to play for Kelly Brook now, visit or Xbox to play Fallen Angel and see if she will fall for you…

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