HTC Desire to get Gingerbread Update for sure: Three UK confirms with a Tweet

February 22, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

If you want the official launch news first, then the place to be these days is Twitter. That is where all the biggest new, views and rumors start and end in recent times. And that is exactly from where we have confirmed that another ‘Android Update’ is going to be out for sure. Remember that earlier today Epic 4G got a Froyo update and while it will not happen immediately, Three UK has confirmed that HTC Desire will indeed be getting Gingerbread.

Answering to a tweet asking if Three would indeed bring out Gingerbread for the HTC Desire, this is what the guys at Three had to say:

“Yes we will but we don’t have timescales yet :-)”

Earlier the news doing rounds was that Desire will receive a Gingerbread update a few months after the release of Desire S and while people were anxiously looking for confirmation, the tweet from Three seems to have made everyone happy. This, after a day in which the Epic 4G’s Froyo Android 2.2 update made headlines across the globe.

Seems like Android users are really happy with all their updates now flying around and in case of Samsung users with Android mobiles, we can say ‘finally’!

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