Gaming Legend Peter Molyneux Honoured

February 22, 2011, By Christian Cawley

As gaming legends go, Peter Molyneux is up there alongside Will Wright and Sid Meier as a guy who single-handedly pushed the boundaries of what a video game is – and deservedly he is about to receive an the British Academy Video Games Awards Fellowship award in honour of his achievements.

Gaming legend Peter Molyneux honoured

While you might be able to list Molyneux’s titles on one hand, you will recognise all of them: Populous, Powermonger, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper and the Fable series were all developed by this man, and cumulative sales of his games are at approximately fifteen million worldwide.

With Populous, Molyneux defined the “God game” genre, and with Theme Park he delivered one of the finest examples of the management game. Powermonger was a fantastic strategy title, while Dungeon Keeper placed the player in charge of the building of a dungeon. Meanwhile the Fable series is available for Xbox 360, Windows, and Mac OS X and is a vast action RPG which many games consider the finest of its type.

Don’t forget that the Awards will be streamed live for the first time at, as well as at and

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