Final Ordeal: Rise of Democracy

February 22, 2011, By Christian Cawley

With trouble across North Africa causing waves and potentially a massive ripple effect across the Middle East, the sensitive political situation is set to feature in a new geo-political, role-playing strategy game.

Final Ordeal: Rise of Democracy

From Gamebience comes Final Ordeal: Rise of Democracy, which puts gamers in control of a fictional nation under the brink of collapse due to outdated policies and people’s rise for reform and change.

Sound familiar?

Playing the head of state of a fictional country that bears no resemblance to Egypt/Tunisia/Yemen/Bahrain/Libya/Tunisia, etc. (the five virtual countries are named Tanesia, Pharaonia, Adenestan, Aljar and Zorosia) this fascinating game will challenge you with rising unemployment, growing corruption and crippling policies with the aim of overcoming discontent and bring democracy to your nation.

Set for release on DVD for Windows in March (which suggests some fast coding, people…) Final Ordeal: Rise of Democracy features secondary gameplay as an opposition player trying to force an election.

Is this title too near the knuckle for what is going on in the Middle East? Has the title been in the planing stage for some time or is this just a cash-in?

What do you think?

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