Angry Birds now available for download on your PC: Windows PC-version of Angry Birds now out thanks to Intel AppUp Store for $4.99

February 22, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Apple iOS already has it and so millions of iPhone, iPad users have enjoyed it. Android has it and thanks to that all those with Android Smartphones spent countless hours on it. Even Nokia’s now fading Symbian got it. But somehow those with Windows PCs did not ever get to join in on the fun. That though is changing starting today. The bird hurling frenzy has now come to Windows PC users across the globe thanks to Intel AppUp Store.

The Intel’s AppUp Store is an attempt by Intel to bring App Store design to the Windows PC users. This has provided Rovio with a platform to give Angry Birds to PC users across the globe. Of course those on Mac already got it with the Mac App Store. But with the AppUp Store all you need to do is initially install the AppUp Application from Intel and then buy Angry Birds from them.

The process is simple, easy and you can even try apps for 24 hours on a trial basis and return them if you are not too happy with them. If you wish to start with Angry Birds on your PC, then you will have to part with $4.99. Considering the addictive fun that Angry Birds brings, that will not seem too much.

You can go to Intel’s AppUp Application here and get started with downloading and enjoying Angry Birds…

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