Motorola Xoom to be out February 24th without Flash Support: Adobe Flash coming only in Spring 2011!

February 21, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

This might not really be big news to those who were going to get the Xoom no matter what. But in the eternal battle of Apple vs. Android, it is going to stir up a whole new dimension. All those who told you that Android was better because it supported Adobe Flash and how the iPad was a fail because it lacked Flash support, now will have a bit of a tough time explaining this.

Sure, the Adobe Flash is ‘expected in Spring 2011’, but will this mean people will wait and see before they go and buy the Motorola Xoom. Of course, those who did pre-order the Xoom might feel a bit hard done by this fact. They could all be left a tad bit unhappy with this brand new development. But what is staggering is that it has been put in the little small print at the bottom of the Verizon webpage dedicated for the Xoom.

In case there were those who were undecided on the Xoom, these little things might tempt them to wait for a bit longer to see what other Android tablets, waiting in the wings, might bring to the store shelves. Seems at the moment that you cannot be sure about a device till you actually see a demo of it in the stores!!

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