Low priced Nokia-WP7 mobiles could be out and soon: To try and ensure that existing Symbian market is not lost

February 21, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The moment Nokia and Microsoft got cozy with one another, we were all busy talking about the high-end Smartphones and how they would shape up with Nokia hardware and the WP7 integration. But, the vast market that Nokia holds in Asia and other parts of the globe is not dependant on the high-end Smartphone. In fact a recent survey in India, one of Nokia’s biggest markets on the planet, show that they are the most trusted “brand” in the country. And that includes among every brand possibly on offer- not just electronics and mobiles!

Most of that trust comes from Nokia’s ‘low cost’ mobiles that offer enough for the average mobile user who just wants to call and text and wants to own a phone at around $50. Nokia’s CEO has promised that this existing Symbian market will not be let go of as the more ‘basic’ Windows Phone 7 handsets on Nokia could be out sooner than expected (That means way before the early 2012 release, that was talked about).

This is a very wise move from Nokia, if it is indeed true. To be honest, Nokia cannot afford to lose their base market for the sake of this tie-up alone. It would take huge chunks of Nokia’s profits away and more importantly will hurt it in the long run.

So, Nokia better get these less pricey mobiles out soon and by the look of things, they are planning on doing just that. Holding on to your existing consumer market while expanding into newer territories is the smart way forward for Nokia…

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