iPhone Nano Concept Images, Specs & Features: When Apple iPhone 4 met Goldmember!

February 21, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The iPhone Nano seems to be back with a bang in the rumor mill and will just not die away. Remember how just a few days back the NYtimes reported that there will be no iPhone Nano/Mini in the making? While they are not the definitive authority on anything Apple, that might be closer to reality than all the speculation. But, when you have such a fun and retro-looking iPhone Nano image on offer, we could not resist bringing it to you.

For starters, this somehow seems to be clad in gold. If not gold, then at least tries to look like it is clad in golden glitz. Then there is a QWERTY keypad thrown in by the designer (Obviously because he feels the screen is too small and you would need sandpapers… Ah, never mind, you get it. This ‘sandpaper’ joke is getting old already) This will be called the iPhone 4K- K for the Keypad. So, at least they are smart enough not to put “will this be iPhone 5?” on it!

In short (pun intended), it would sport a 3.2-inch retina display (800 x 400 resolution), an 800MHz processor and a 5-MP camera. All that for $200, should give Android and WP7 a run for their money. We cannot confirm on the iPhone Nano yet (But we are leaning towards it not happening), but we can sure confirm that Apple will never make a mobile that looks like this.

The taking point though is the basic design with the slide-out keypad and those specs at $200. If anyone can offer that, it will be Apple and it could well be a game changer. So, think something similar could be really in the works?

Via: Product-Reviews

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