Google Maps + Twitter Feeds: Showing up the latest Twitter feeds from protest-engulfed Libya, Egypt, Bahrain & Iran

February 21, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Developer Virender Ajmani has given a new face to Google Maps and an idea that in itself could be a more permanent feature of social networking sites in the future. By integrating Twitter feeds with Google Maps, he has created a mapping system for the tweets. This allows you to take a glance at the latest Twitter from the mapped region and also locates the place from which it has originated.

This is a wonderful and effective way of using Google Maps and by interpreting this to the strife-stricken Middle East, he has provided an innovative new way of sharing information with geographical context. Right now you can see Twitter feeds pop up on Google Maps from Libya, Bahrain, Egypt and Iran. We really hope at this point that Google take up on this idea and develop further.

This could be really an interesting application on offer, which is useful for both users and social networking sites when it comes to keeping a tab on things. More so, when you are in crisis situations like the ones prevalent in Middle East right now. You can check out his new Twitter + Google Maps Integration Here.

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