Android Pin Badges Now Available at eBay

February 21, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Those who have attended the Mobile World Congress 2011, or on the other hand are keen followers of the event must have noticed the little collectable Android badges presented by Google at Barcelona. Well, those who did not get a chance to collect those little green Androids could buy the same at the online shopping mall eBay.

Most of the pin badges of the collection are selling for under £5. The complete set comprises 86 pin badges in total. You will have to spend over £900 to get the complete collection.

Remember, Google created only a limited edition of 1200 pieces of each design for MWC 2011. Some designs are disappearing fast, as more and more fans are making it to buy the tiny critters. For instance, the Android with the red Valentine’s heart is already out of stock.

Let us tell you something about the creator of these cute looking objects. Anne-Carlijn Reyrink, who works as a product marketing manager at Google based in London, is the person behind these cuties.

She spent her Christmas designing the marvelous badges, as part of the tie up with Merchandise Mania, a UK site that specializes in making cool gifts. Head for eBay and pick your badges.

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