Donate to GeoHot to help him fight Sony: Master hacker asks for support

February 20, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

And even if you do not have any cash on hand, you can spread the word so that others who are in a position to donate can make a contribution. In effect, this is the legal battle of all those who feel that they paid for their gadgets and have a right to modify it any way they want. GeoHot is planning to go full on against Sony’s top-notch legal team of 5 and for that he will need some more cash to pay the bills. If in case Sony get scared and decide to settle out of court, the remaining donations will got to EFF.

Sony had taken GeoHot to court for the hacking of the PS3 and the legal battle has already racked up a bit of controversy. While Sony feel that you cannot do that, majority of us feel that since we paid for our PS3 (tax and all), we have right to do what we want with it. Moreover it is not like Sony is not screwing enough people over with its contracts, terms and conditions!

That along with a “Boycott Sony” call that GeoHot has given to all those who support him in the issue. That might not go too far in reducing Sony sales, but you can still make your donations to the legal battle, if you wish, Here.

Are you supporting the break-in into PS3? If not financially, do you back the man in principle?

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