Social RPG Buddy Rush Comes to Facebook and iOS Devices

February 19, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Okay picture this – a social RPG that takes you and your Facebook friends (and those playing on iPhone) to a beautiful 3D isometric world where you can create a group of your friends’ “Buddies” and then go adventuring on missions.

Social RPG Buddy Rush for Facebook

It sounds pretty familiar to many other titles doesn’t it, from full blown MMOs to the farming and medieval titles found on Facebook.

Buddy Rush comes from the Team Sollmo developers from South Korea, and where it might differ from similar games is not just in the charming character design but also the missions, which include encountering Oblins and rescuing sheep.

The ultimate aim, of course, is to increase experience and help out your friends – the very definition of social gaming which to the uninitiated would be best described as “co-op gaming with fields”.

To play Buddy Rush, visit the game on Facebook at or download to your iPhone from the iTunes App Store.

It certainly looks a lot of fun…

Available to play now on Facebook at or to download to your iPhone from the iTunes App Store, Buddy Rush gives you 7 customizable characters, lets you reward your friends’ Buddies when you use them in your team and presents 5 different chapters and 40 missions with objectives, monsters and bosses to overcome.

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