Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg next to Barrack Obama at the White House Event: Picture Perfect (Photo along with Flickr Link Inside)

February 18, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Thanks to the streaming photos on Flickr from the White House, we now have the snapshot that we have been waiting for- Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg flanking President Obama at the dinner table. We have the photo of the toast and the President having a conversation with the head of Facebook. While we would have loved to hear the contents of this meeting (not the official ones, but the small talk, if any, between Jobs, Zuckerberg and Eric Schmidt), we have to settle with the pics.

That is not a bad thing though. While we did not get a better picture of jobs at the event (not till now), he looks pretty okay. Again, no picture predictions, but he looks better than the gaudy images that hit the net days earlier. And again, we do wish him the very best with his health issues.

While others went to the President with ties and suits, Jobs donned his now-famous turtle-neck attire. Again, something we think is so ‘cool’, just like the way millions think Apple products are cool. We will not get into the political agenda of things, since we are just happy with the snapshots and have no real expertise in that field!

Here is the Flickr Link to the Official Image Stream from White House

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