Steve Jobs’ Action Figure is no more: Apple calls for a ban on the Pineapple CEO!

February 18, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

This is why you need to be so careful about the whole ‘gimmick infringement’ thing. That black & blue attire and those snickers along with the hairline were the trademark look of someone else. Now M.I.C Gadget tried its best to ensure that it did not look like Jobs (or maybe they didn’t), but the ban still is on its way. They cannot make the ‘Pineapple CEO’ anymore and the Steve Jobs Action Figures (which they really are) need to put back in boxes for now.

Well, they did cover up the face, and tried to change that Apple logo a bit. But the little tinkering did not stop Apple from stepping in and saying, “Do you think we are stupid?” (No, you cannot answer that, it was rhetorical) But there were no more of these little dolls out in the market. So, it seems we cannot buy one and put it on our car dashboard… Too bad!

The Pineapple CEO was available online for $89 and while we knew this was coming sooner or later, we are just happy that it got nipped after a few of the dolls had seen daylight. It would have been a nice touch though if these were allowed to be sold and M.I.C made ‘glowing in the dark’ versions of the Pineapple CEO. Then we could all take it to Apple events and wave them when the lights went off… As our undying affection for all things Jobs!

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