Social Gaming for Windows Phone

February 18, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Social gaming could soon be coming to Windows Phone 7 with the announcement that Scoreloop are releasing an SDK for the new Microsoft mobile platform.

Social gaming for Windows Phone 7?

Already the number one cross-platform social gaming system on mobile, Scoreloop are planning to expand their empire on Windows Phone by offering developers the same social gaming capabilities that have already proven successful on Android and iOS.

Using the Scoreloop SDK will enable Windows Phone 7 game and app developers all they need to add social aspects to their games, allowing the creation of instant communities and connections and the ability to use virtual currencies and make in-game purchases.

It’s exciting stuff, something that adds an element that is currently missing to the many Windows Phone games that don’t have Xbox LIVE integration. This could really blow open gaming on Windows Phone, something that is really starting to take off with the addition of Xbox LIVE indie titles to the platform such as Ilomilo and Rocket Riot. What the platform is missing however are social MMOs of the type found on iPhone and Android – not to mention synchronous multiplayer – making this announcement from Scoreloop very significant…

(Incidentally, interested developers can contact for more information.)

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