Samsung Galaxy S 2 to be out on T-Mobile in the US: Confirmed through a Tweet (That was pulled out later!)

February 18, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

And that is not the end of the story when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S 2 on T-Mobile. It was earlier confirmed by the company that it will indeed be offering the Galaxy S 2 to its customers. So, when are we getting the Galaxy S 2 on T-Mobile? Are we even sure of that happening at this point or is it still a ‘work in progress’?

The questions arise not when you put up a release Tweet, but then immediately pull it off. That is exactly what T-Mobile did. First they confirm that the Galaxy S 2 is indeed coming on board and then pull the Tweet offering no explanation. Is it because they are looking to make an official announcement later? Maybe Samsung was in some way unhappy with this?

Or someone at T-Mobile pulled the trigger a bit too early and they themselves are still not sure if the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is coming over. Either way, what was an official confirmation just added more confusion. Either way, what is certain is that the Samsung galaxy S 2 is one super Smartphone and here is our Hands-On Video of the Galaxy S 2 from MWC.

Also loads of Samsung Galaxy S2 Hands-On Snapshots from Barcelona. Enjoy while we try and dig deeper into this T-Mobile & Galaxy S 2 connection.

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