Nokia E7 & Nokia WP7 mobiles to given out free to developers: Nokia doing all to hold on to its developers

February 18, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

And that is not all. They will also be offering free access to the next Nokia World Summit, three months of free technical support for all Nokia Tech, a free user experience evaluation for one app, business development help and aid in publishing apps on the Ovi Store. This, along with free Nokia E7 and a Nokia Windows Phone 7 device whenever they come out! That is $1000 worth of stuff along with all those free services.

Seems like Nokia desperately does not want to lose its developers community after the merger with Microsoft. This also definitely means that the moment the E7 and the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 are shipped out to these guys, we are going to get the most detailed possible leaks, spec sheets and feature lists. That is one way of looking at this.

Apart from that, this seems to reflect the state of mind the developers are in and how Nokia has sensed that they were not too happy on knowing about the Microsoft merger. On the positive side of things, it is nice to see that Nokia is making an attempt to keep its app developers onboard before they think about jumping ship.

Now to see how successful this WP7-Nokia partnership proves to be… Remember what Eric Schmidt just said at MWC; you can always go to Android!

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