iPhone 5 almost complete & ready for release: No iPhone Nano/Mini in the works

February 18, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

There has been a recent resurgence in the rumor of the “iPhone Nano”. A mini version of the popular iPhone 4, which is apparently going to be cheaper and hence an attraction to those opting for the cheaper Android mobiles today, was talked about. But the latest reports seem to conclusively put that talk to rest. Apparently, the iPhone 5 is almost good to go and Apple are not planning on an iPhone Nano anytime soon.

Now, that seems more real to us than the previous rumors that indicated the opposite. The fact that the iPhone is almost done is pretty much in line with things. The next generation of iPhone should be close to ‘ready for release’ according to Apple’s annual launch schedule and that is exactly where things stand. Even the non-existence of the iPhone Mini is in expected lines.

Steve Jobs did earlier point very clearly that size does matter and even if that was in the case of tablets, I think the philosophy does leak down to mobiles as well. And hence, there will be no iPhone Nano for anyone to lay their hands on. With the kind of success that Apple has had with the iPhone line, they are not going to put in such drastic changes anytime soon.

If people want an iPhone, they will save up. Right guys?

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