iPhone 4 explodes into flames and burn’s the hand of the owner: Safety concerns come back to the fore

February 18, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Talk about being on fire! iPhone 4 and Apple have been “on fire” with their hottest and most popular gadget selling out across the plant. Only yesterday did they also win the ‘Mobile Device of the Year 2011’ from Mobile World Congress 2011. But this is not the kind of fire that they would really want to see. Something literal and more threatening to their consumers and not competition! This brings back all those questions on iPhone safety standards.

Let us be honest right away and say that we are not confirming that this is either a genuine incident or another of those many hoaxes seen earlier. But we will give the owner of this exploding iPhone 4, the benefit of doubt for now. His battery apparently got too hot, then caught on fire and exploded; burning his hand partly and also a hole through the table it was placed on.

Maybe this was a one off accident, but it does not look good for Apple PR. Definitely is not good for the guy who bought the exploding iPhone 4 and while it will not see a decline in sales suddenly, if this is a genuine case, then Apple needs to address the glitch immediately. Even in the case of anomalies, something of this nature is just not acceptable.

Much rather have software with a few bugs in it… But we will let you and further reports be the final judge on this.

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