Get a Phone Number for Skype

February 18, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Making calls from Skype is cheaper than using a landline. This is a pretty well-known fact – the legions of Skype phones that are available in electronics stores should underline this. While chatting to other people with Skype usernames is free, calling landlines and mobiles is paid for out of a Skype subscription. However even with this you’re paying far less than you would with a regular landline.

If you’re a regular Skype user or even if you’re someone who has opted to use Skype in favour of a standard landline facility, getting a phone number for your Skype account is a good way to allow people to contact you from mobiles or landlines.

Even if you don’t want to call out from Skype, purchasing a number for the service can give your business a professional look; for instance, you might be based in the UK and want to attract business from the USA. As such a suitable United States number will come in handy.

Get a phone number for Skype

Switching to Skype

If you don’t already have a Skype account, all you need to take advantage of this service is a USB headset and an email account.

To register with Skype, visit and click Join Skype in the top-right corner. All you need to do is supply your name and email address as well as provide a username – this last detail will be used as your Skype Name.

With this information submitted, your account will be created and you will then be able to enjoy free voice calls (or video calls or simply text-based instant messaging) via the Skype client which you must download and install.

With Skype installed and your USB headset recognized by Windows (or whichever operating system you’re using) you should begin by making a Skype Test Call in order to confirm you can hear what a call will sound like. Use Tools > Options… > Audio Settings in order to adjust your headset volume.

Get a Phone Number for Skype

There are many services offering telephone numbers for Skype. For instance, Skype themselves offer a service which costs just €15 for three months. However you can get a Skype number without paying a penny.

The first way to do this is to visit, where you can sign up and try their service for free. Eventually you will have to pay for the number you use, but this shouldn’t cause too many problems if you like the service.

Alternatively you can get a 100% free Skype number from (pictured above). While the number won’t be unique to you, your Skype account will get an extension number to use, so anyone calling you will need to call the main number and then enter the extension when prompted. This service offers telephone numbers from around the world.

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