Acer Windows Phone 7 Devices in the Works; Autumn Release Expected

February 18, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In case you would remember right, Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci had said sometime last year that the company had their focus mainly on Android and Windows Phone 7 devices and they were being worked on. As if in confirmation of that statement, Acer has now said that the Acer Windows Phone 7 devices will be out later this autumn.

So by September or October 2011, we would most probably get to play with the Acer creations based on these OSes. The Mobile World Congress 2011 at Barcelona has been witness to Acer’s enthusiasm, though on a lower scale.

We have reasons to believe that the proposed launch of a Windows Phone 7 smartphone would coincide with the big Windows Phone 7 update (a.k.a Mango). Now, doesn’t that add some amount of credibility to the news?

Going by Acer’s statements, it may be believed that Windows Phone 7 has the potential to offer the same kind of advantages like that of the Android in terms of customization. This could be the reason why Acer is thinking big on those lines with smart devices that sport the OS.

We could also expect some cut-throat competition between Acer and Nokia in the Windows Phone 7 market from now on as the latter has already announced a partnership with Microsoft.

Tell us if you are okay with looking forward to autumn to see the device roll out of the Acer labs.

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