2010 Family Game of the Year Award

February 18, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Created in 2007, the Family Gamer Awards were created to provide advice parents with difficulty choosing suitable games for their offspring. The FGA’s annual awards ceremony determines winners for various age groups – and their list of recommended games that adhere to the PEGI/BBFC ratings for appropriate content have been announced!

2010 Family game award winner Wii Party!

Throughout 2010, 500 families visited www.gamepeople.co.uk to leave their thoughts and vote for game titles in categories targeted at different age groups, with the following interesting results:

  • Top game for Infants (3-6yrs) Wii Party (16% votes)
  • Top game for Juniors (7-11yrs) Kinect Sports 360 (10% votes)
  • Top game for Students (12-17yrs) New Mario Brothers Wii (15% votes)
  • Top game for Workers (18 and over) Halo Reach 360 (4% votes)
  • Top game for Parents Red Dead Redemption PS3/360 (12% votes)
  • Top game for Grandparents Pictionary DS (4% votes)

As you can see there is a broad selection of games listed here, and while the main aim is to provide clear categories and suitable game types for them, the category with the highest percentage of votes is the one that is names Family Game of the Year.

As a result, the 2010 Family Game of the Year is Wii Party with 16% of the votes!

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