Tidy Your Cached Files with FCleaner

February 17, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Tidying your temporary Internet files is a pretty easy process and has become a popular means for people to hide evidence of what they might have been looking at online – the kind of thing we now describe as “private browsing”. For instance you can clean the history and Internet cache manually in all browsers and the next user will in most cases be none the wiser.

However it isn’t as easy to tidy other areas of your Windows system. For instance, Windows Media Player (and similar utilities) make temporary copies of video clips when viewed online, and Windows Live Messenger might keep a temporary copy of any information you have shared using the send file tool in that application. While these are supposedly temporary it is rare that they would be tidied up, except perhaps when using the Windows Disk Cleanup tool.

Tidy Your Cached files with FCleaner

Thanks to FCleaner, this situation can now become a thing of the past; this utility offers considerable cleaning of temporary Internet data from every browser from Internet Explorer to SeaMonkey as well as applications ranging from Windows Media Player to Dreamweaver, Google Toolbar to Alcohol 120% and many more besides.

To get your copy of FCleaner, visit www.fcleaner.com and hit the Download Now link.


With FCleaner installed on your PC, the first thing to do is have a look around. On the left-hand side of the Cleaner tab you will see three tabs. Here you can view Windows-specific elements that the utility will clean; the history and private data of your installed web Browsers and any Application Plugins that you have installed. Clearing any of the check boxes in these tabs will cause FCleaner to ignore this item or data type.

To get started with the cleaner tool, use the Analyze button – this will start a scan with which FCleaner will detect all data that needs to be tidied up. Note that you will need to close your browser if this is included in your scan.

After browsing through the results you might well see that Windows temporary files are taking up quite a bit of space – clean this up with the Run Cleaner button and give your PC a bit more hard disk space!

FCleaner Uninstaller and Startup Manager

In addition to the deep cleaning tool, FCleaner also features an uninstaller tool, available via the Uninstaller tab. Any software applications that you are experiencing difficulty removing can be uninstalled from here, and if a simply by selecting the item and clicking Uninstall. You can also Update certain applications where available (such as Adobe Reader) or run a Repair installation where a suitable installer was provided. Most notably items that are uninstalled from your standard Windows control panel Add/Remove Programs screen can be discarded with the Remove Entry tool.

Meanwhile FCleaner also provides a Startup Manager tab where you can Disable and Remove various Windows start up items. The best way of doing this is to first clear the check box of an item to disable it and then restart Windows; if everything runs OK (and quicker) then you can restart FCleaner to the Remove the disabled items.

This is a great utility for speeding up Windows – every PC should have one!

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