Steve Jobs has just 6 weeks to live, speculates the National Enquirer: Also puts up weakened Jobs’ Photos (Can we keep predictions down to weather reports please!)

February 17, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

And we dearly hope that they are wrong. Apart from still wondering how two ‘so called experts’ who have no access to Steve Jobs’ medical records or his current treatment status can proclaim something of this sorts just by observing a few snapshots. Not to mention the fact that these guys have not even seen Jobs personally! At this rate it seems you can just email your latest pic to your doctor and he will send a prescription back with a minimum warranty on your life!

But it has been known that Steve has had a few rough times recently and while many at Apple who have seen him recently say that he was fine and looked pretty upbeat. There have been people who have survived ordeals with cancer before and to study a guy remotely from snapshots (that could have been even touched-up to look worse than they are) seems a very “stupid” craft to say the least.

There is no denying that Jobs does not look good and the guy himself knows that. This is the precise reason why he is on a medical leave; to focus on making things better. Now, we do agree that speculation is a part of reporting. And we make plenty of ‘Jobs Jokes’ too. But speculating over when someone will die, without any real knowledge of their medical history, is just low. If we are on to the forecasting business can we stick to the weather or release dates of gadgets or prices, please.

For whatever its worth, we wish Jobs the very best regarding his health. May the man live on for many more iPhone, iPad releases…

Via: Gizmodo

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