MSN Video for Windows Phone 7

February 17, 2011, By Christian Cawley

A significant new release on the Windows Phone 7 platform, MSN Video is the first app to offer good quality video clips from internationally-known TV channels.

MSN Video for Windows Phone 7

While Windows Phone owners around the world await a competent app that presents streamed TV and video content to their HD display handsets, on subjects other than news, Microsoft’s MSN Video app presents content from over 40 popular sources, with big names including Access Hollywood, Animal Planet, CNBC, Consumer Reports, Discovery, FOX Sports, Kiplinger’s, MSNBC, TODAY and many more.

However, the app has already fallen into the Amazon trap – it isn’t yet available in the UK. This shouldn’t be a problem; while these channels are all subscription only in the United Kingdom, most of them are available on other mobile platforms, so a UK version shouldn’t be too far away.

What is likely to be some time away, however, is a Windows Phone BBC iPlayer app; following news that a new official Android app would be released (the non-Market myPlayer can be downloaded if you know where to look) for version 2.2, there has been nothing but a deafening silence from Britain’s public service broadcaster on the delivery of a Windows Phone version of their popular catchup TV web application.

MSN Video is available for Windows Phone 7 via the Marketplace.

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