Kinect Hacked to Work with Android Device (Video Inside)

February 17, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Remember we told you about the recent Microsoft – Nokia partnership?  Now think, is anything possible between Google and Microsoft – the rivals in the Android- WP7 battle? Well, they don’t think anything on that line, we know. However, YouTube user HirotakaSter has found chances of such a bizarre partnership.

In a video uploaded by HirotakaSter, we can see that Microsoft’s motion sensing controller for Xbox 360 Kinect interacting with a device which looks like running on Android.

Kinect hackings are not new, we know. They keep on coming now and then from all sides. But nobody in our knowledge has hacked it to work with an Android device.

So, for that reason the new hack may point to endless chances of the Kinect to work with Android devices. We hope hacking enthusiasts in this direction will bring us more interesting stuff on this unofficial Microsoft-Google partnership soon.

To be on the safer side, we will not advice you to try the trick with your Android device unless you are that adventurous and don’t mind spoiling your Kinect device. Get a better glance of the trick jump to the video below:

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