Playboy Cases for Nintendo 3DS!

February 16, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Some delicious limited edition Playboy cases are heading your way in the next few weeks that are quite suitable for storing your Nintendo 3DS, DSi and DS Lite.

Playboy case for Nintendo DS

Thanks to iMP Gaming, these licensed Playboy slip cases are available strictly as a limited edition and feature a hi-gloss finish in Night Black or Hot Pink; the popular Bunny logo completes the case, giving any Nintendo handheld a unique look when covered!

Additional embellishments come in the form of a chrome clipped wrist strap, locking clasp and a metal Bunny badge which is used to drive the Playboy brand as a fashion icon, but yet still remains in the world of adult shindigs and exclusive clubs.

No pricing for these cases has been announced as yet, but given the popularity of Playboy as a brand in jewellery, fashion and perfume and the limited nature of the release, don’t expect them to be cheap!

It’s all a far cry from the top shelf magazine, but the connotations remain; as such think twice about buying something like this for minors as it really might give the wrong impression to the wrong people…

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