Motorola Xoom Price on Verizon Wireless finally out: $799 for the 3G 32GB Honeycomb Tablet & $600 for WiFi-Only version

February 16, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

There has been so much speculation about the Motorola Xoom pricing that we are just happy to see all that finally put to rest. It is now confirmed that the Xoom on Verizon Wireless will set you back by $799 and that is without any rebates whatsoever (Don’t expect any either, at this point). But that is for the 3G 32GB version of the Honeycomb tablet. The WiFi-only Xoom should cost you $600, which makes it still $100 more than an entry-level iPad!

That probably is the big news of the Xo0o price announcement. People have been waiting to see how the WiFi-only Xoom compares to the basic iPad in terms of price. There are still two sides to this story. One will tell you that Xoom offers so much more than the iPad with dual cameras, video chat, a dual core processor, more RAM on it and more features and hence the $100 extra in the price department is acceptable.

The other set of folk will still say that people will always try and go for the cheapest tablet possible and the iPad offers affine balance between price, features and cool factor. An entry-level iPad at $500 still beats the Xoom despite those additional features. To be honest, Motorola could not have probably been any more aggressive with the pricing. Now, if this is enough to attract customers away from iPad… We will find that out soon enough!

What do you think about the Xoom Price in US? Like the deal? Pre-orders should start at Best Buy tomorrow with Verizon offering them next week in stores.

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