HTC Flyer Tablet on for €669: At around $700, the Android Tablet might not fly off of store shelves!

February 16, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Hard to really see how HTC is going to hold ground in the current tablet market. Sure, some of the HTC Smartphones are pretty popular. But the tablet end of things is completely different and a 7-inch tablet with Android on it (Not the Honeycomb) might not make the cut. The early news coming in from Europe gives us the Flyer Tab’s price tag and while it is much cheaper than Xoom and G-Slate, it still will struggle to stay relevant.

The HTC Flyer Tab is being priced by at €669 and that roughly converts to $730. Even if you take that away and put it around the $700 mark, would you go for a 7-inch tablet that has Android 2.4 on the inside? Add to this all the doubts we have about its battery life and performance and the HTC Flyer Tablet really does not seem so appealing.

Yes, it is way cheaper than the other Android Honeycomb Tablets shown at MWC, but they were also so much better. In case someone wanted to buy a cheaper entry-level tablet, the iPad still looks the best bet. Despite being on Android, the Flyer Tab does not really make the cut. So, while we still await confirmation of the US price, most people are probably not even bothered to take a look at the HTC Tablet.

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