How to Use Opera Unite

February 16, 2011, By Christian Cawley

The popular Opera browser is a feature-packed jamboree of World Wide Web goodness, offering slick, smooth browsing, interesting use of favourite bookmarks and even the ability to share bookmarks between your various computers across the web.

One of the Opera browser’s most important developments has been the introduction of Opera Unite. This system enables you to make available to the web files and folders on your computer, instant messaging, and the use of your computer as a limited webserver, webcam and media streaming as well as photo sharing.

All of this is tied up with the necessary encryption and protection you would expect when exposing your computer to the World Wide Web, and crucially you can limit the people that can access this information, from invited persons down to one. For instance, you might leave your PC running while travelling abroad, taking advantage of the media streaming to enjoy movies or music stored on your home PC.

How to use Opera Unite

Setting Up Opera Unite

To get started with Opera Unite, open the browser and access Unite in the left Panels menu. Double click one of the options to open the Opera Unite Setup wizard, and follow this through to name your PC (thereby creating a URL for your device to be accessed via). Note that with Advanced Settings… you can make your computer URL (known as the Opera Unite web address) appear in search engine results – probably something you should avoid. Also note that you may first need to setup and Opera Unite account before proceeding with the assignment of a URL.

Click Finish to set this up.

Adding Additional Services to Opera Unite

While the steps above will enable you to configure Opera Unite for first use, they also pertain to the option you chose. For instance you might have chosen the Fridge notice board application rather than something a bit more useful such as Media Player.

To get this working, right-click Media Player and select Open. Click Choose… to browse for the directory of music tracks you want to enjoy and then check you’re happy with the Advanced settings.

Once this has been done you will notice that Opera Unite displays a URL and a password, which will be needed by anyone you invite to enjoy your music collection.

Accessing Media via Opera Unite

In order to enjoy the MP3 files on your PC from a remote location, all you will need to do is login to your Opera Unite account via [].

For others to listen to them, however, they will need the URL displayed at the end of the previous sequence of steps, which would typically be:


If you selected the Password protected option then your guest would require this – otherwise the Public option would require no password, just a visit to the URL.

You can disable any of the Opera Unite utilities at any time by right-clicking and selecting Stop.

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