Gingerbread rumored to hit the Nexus One in a couple of days: Android 2.3 update for its own handset from Google

February 16, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

The Nexus S came out with the latest Google mobile OS, but the Nexus One is still on Froyo. That could change within a couple of days, according to the current reports coming in from the Google office. The Nexus One could get the Gingerbread update, that all of its users have been waiting for, in the next couple of days.

The update is supposed to be out either late this week or early next week. While we are still trying to get an official confirmation on the ‘update release’, this should not be too hard a thing for Google to roll out. It is their own mobile OS and their very own Smartphone that we are talking about. That should mean that your update should give you little trouble and work like a charm.

This after Google has just had a wonderful day at the MWC in Barcelona where Eric Schmidt talked about Google Android’s success and how the Android apps just crossed the 150,000 mark. There was also talk about the Gingerbread and how it would be integrated with Honeycomb to create Ice Cream (Android 3.1). This is to prevent fragmentation in the Android OS in future.

So are you excited about the possible Nexus One Gingerbread Update this weekend? Stay tuned as we try confirming the news and the exact update date…

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