Darkspore Pre-Release Beta Announced (Video Trailer)

February 16, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Coming soon from EA is the Maxis-created Darkspore, a game that appears to owe a lot to the popular “sim-evolution” title Spore.

Darkspore pre-release beta announced

In fact as you can see from the packshot and video below, Darkspore could quite easily be Spore 2 – except for the rather violent tone.

The original Spore game was designed by Will Wright, the guy behind The Sims, The Sim City and even 1984’s Raid on Bungling Bay. What we have with Darkspore is a game that offers some of the same creativity options as Spore – Darkspore’s Hero Editor is clearly a descendant of the Spore Creature Creator – but with RPG sci-fi trappings.

As you can see from the trailer promoting the Beta, Darkspore does seem to move away from Spore considerably, while retaining a similar feel…

A pre-release Beta of Darkspore has just been announced, which will see the PC-only online game made available for pre-release testing and revision on a registration-basis. Given some of the issues surrounding their choice of DRM technology, it’s refreshing to see EA taking a positive move in terms of offering an end product that is worthy of the brand name.

Darkspore will be released on PC by EA during 2011 – to join the Beta visit www.darkspore.com and sign-up today!

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