Verizon sells the Pre 2 for $150 starting February 17th: HP sells it for $100 already!

February 15, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

And we were thinking that they were supposed to hand it out for free… We mean for $99.99 or something of that sorts. But, apparently someone at Verizon Wireless thought the Pre 2 is still hot property and so they are going to charge the extra $50 for it. This, when the HP Store is offering the same Pre 2 for $99.99!

Verizon put up a press release for the Pre 2 and priced it at an obnoxious $149.99. Obviously you know where you need to go in case you want the Pre 2. (Though, the bigger question then would be if “why would you want the Pre2?”) With the Pre 3 just round the corner, it makes little sense to invest in the Pre 2 at this point; and that too signing on a two-year deal.

Well, in all probability that price by Verizon will drop by the turn of the day and you should get the Pre 2 for $99.99. Even then, we strongly suggest you to look at other options or at least wait till the Pre 3, if you only want a ‘Pre’. Seems like the guys at Verizon are a bit too excited after the iPhone arrived…

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