Samsung Galaxy S 4g with Froyo to be out on T-Mobile on Feb 23rd for $150: Would you wait for the Galaxy S II?

February 15, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Ask the guy at the T-Mobile store or the folk at Samsung and they will tell you that a Gingerbread update is just ‘round the corner’ for your device. And the guys never lie; it is always just round the corner. The tiny little problem with that is that the promised corner never seems to be coming. Either that or we and Samsung have different ‘corners’ in mind!

Kind of hard to really keep people happy when you do not offer the promised updates on promised time. So, in case you are going to take T-Mobile’s offer on the Samsung 4G, then expect to get stuck on Froyo for a while. We would love to be proven wrong on this. But with the number of our readers who constantly tell us about Samsung’s updates, or rather the lack of them, we will believe it when we see it.

That said, for those who do not mind the Froyo (but do mind the above extended rant), T-Mobile is offering the Samsung Galaxy 4G on February 23rd and your two-year contract price will be $149.99. So, in case you are not waiting for the Galaxy S II unveiled at MWC 2011 or are happy with the price tag, this might be just fine.

In case you do get the Galaxy S 4G, do tell us when they promised you an update from Froyo. We will keep an eye on that…

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