MWC 2011: HTC Facebook Phones ChaCha & Salsa Revealed

February 15, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Social networking addicts can now look up to HTC. It was known earlier that HTC  was readying  something on the lines of the much talked about Facebook phones, and then came a leak which revealed new pictures. The phones have been unveiled at MWC 2011.

These Android devices with dedicated Facebook buttons seem to be really cute in the images, so we may expect they may be the best devices available for taking us to the Facebook space in the future.

The pictures tell us more. One seems to be a distant cousin of Motorola Droid Pro with full QWERTY keyboard and other features. However, the other one just shares its appearances with a usual touch screen slate.

Both these devices feature a dedicated Facebook button with the ‘F’ logo of the most popular social network. The dedicated button helps you upload photos directly to Facebook albums and share location on Google maps.

Their names have been put as ‘ChaCha’ (the one with a 2.6 inch touch-screen) and Salsa ( the one with a 3.4 inch touch screen). Running Android 2.4, the phones have Facebook integrated into their HTC Sense interface. Let’s gear up for a new Facebook era on our phones.

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