Motorola Atrix displayed at MWC 2011 even as AT&T starts pre-orders in US: Watch DeviceMag Video of Atrix from Barcelona Inside!

February 15, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

We know now that the Motorola Atrix 4G is coming on AT&T this March 6th and they are already taking pre-orders for it. The mobile itself will cost you $200 on a two-year contract, the laptop extension will be an additional $300 and the multimedia dock will be $13. All this apart from the data plans, monthly bills and more! The so-called “world’s most powerful mobile experience” does not come cheap.

But what does, is the DeviceMag video of the Atrix at Mobile World Congress 2011! We were at the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona and we decided to show you what the folk at the Atrix stand have been telling everyone. They are pretty lavishly using the company line of “world’s most powerful mobile device” to describe the Atrix. While we are cool with most things it offers, it is not as perfect as you would think.

The Atrix keypad when used vertically, really is a bit hard to get used to. This we found out first hand after the keypad gave us a bit of a trouble when it comes to hitting the right buttons. Compared to our own iPhone 4, this seems a bit badly spaces. If you fingers that are not sleek and thin, then you might as well use the “sandpaper idea” Mr. Jobs floated out for the 7-inch tablets!

DeviceMag at MWC 2011 with Motorola Atrix:

Watching the mobile dock and the multimedia dock was fun, but the Atrix might be a sleek investment to make considering the whole price package. Unless you want a new mobile, netbook and both working together; the Atrix may not have many taking the laptop dock. We did enjoy it in action though and while we are happy sticking to our iPhone 4, you probably feel differently.

Buying the Atrix? What do you think of the video from MWC 2011? Let us know…

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