Intel demos MeeGo Tablet at MWC 2011: Watch DeviceMag Video of the MeeGo OS in action from Barcelona & decide how it does against Android!

February 15, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

We are bringing you all the happening stuff from every little stand at the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona and the Intel MeeGo Tablet is one of them. It was just days earlier that Nokia called ‘MeeGo’ experimental, but Intel is pretty sure that they can do a lot better than just that. So, we visited the MeeGo OS booth and we have the video of the MeeGo Tablet in action. How does it do? Watch for yourself…

What we loved about the demo was how it was simple, crisp and actually showcased what you wanted to see, rather than delves into too much in little time. The MeeGo OS is apparently user-friendly in the sense that it brings to the surface the most used features, so that you have instant access to your favorite apps. Twitter feeds, music, movies and a lot more will be on top; if you use them often enough.

That is a pretty good way of personalizing your tablet and we like that little touch of MeeGo. The contact sensitive menus mean that you will be able to operate it with ease and simplicity, instead of searching for options from a single drop down tab. The biggest concern about the MeeGo is the availability of ‘apps’ and while there are not many on offer right away, the guys hope to get more onboard by working with individual carriers in future.

To be honest, we liked the MeeGo OS from what we saw. So how is it better than Android? Well, we asked the same big question and the answer from the MeeGo guys is “It is truly open source and so you are not tied into Google’s release calendar”. That followed by a smile which said a lot more… Don’t miss the ending of the video!

DeviceMag at MWC 2011 with MeeGO OS Demo:

So, you think MeeGo stands a chance against the Android onslaught?

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