BlackBerry vs Nokia

February 15, 2011, By Christian Cawley

With billions of dollars of Microsoft money and technology behind them, it seems that Nokia are are feeling like a genuine player in the mobile industry if CEO Stephen Elop’s declaration of “a three horse race” between Windows, Android and Apple is anything to go by.

BlackBerry playbook to revive RIM fortunes?

Naturally there is one company in particular that isn’t happy about this. Research In Motion’s Jim Balsillie has responded angrily, telling the Mobile World Congress that BlackBerry saw 70% growth in 2010, as well as being the number one phone in the UK.

And don’t go thinking that some corporations have been upgrading their mobile handsets, either – Balsillie revealed that 80% of devices are for personal, not business use. Additionally, he declares that:

“Are people writing us off? We have had huge growth in the last year. I wouldn’t write us off.”

Whether analysts Gfk’s research that the phone maker had 28.2% of the UK mobile phone market in 2010 is accurate or not, the release of the BlackBerry tablet known as the 4G Playbook looks likely to redefine the company in the eyes of consumers.

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