Apple iPhone 5 Rumored to Come With Slide-out Keyboard

February 15, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Rumors, particularly in the gadget world, are very serendipitous. We have got a new one in that category, from a Taiwanese website, which has earlier sourced many important Apple hardware leaks. It now tells us Apple is mulling over rolling out an iPhone device with a physical keyboard.

According to the rumor, Apple has designed three prototypes which may contribute to the evolution of the ‘iPhone 5’.

One of the three prototypes has a physical keyboard with a sliding cover.

Well, it is difficult to believe that Apple will go back to devices with physical keyboards unless they are aiming the enterprise market.

Another prototype is heard to be similar to iPhone4 in its looks, but comes with better camera and battery life.

Before winding up, the site also restated the already out-rumor that the new iPad will have an in-built camera with a thinner body than the current model.

As we said, the source has successfully and accurately unearthed many hardware details about Apple’s secret plans in the past.

They have hinted about the white panel of the iPhone 4 before any official announcement and offered a glance on the redesigned MacBook for the first time.

So going by that, we may count that the new rumor may also have some stuff. But before swallowing it fully, we guess we need to wait a little more.

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