Sony Ericsson Xperia Play set for US Release in March on Verizon Wireless: Sony makes it official at MWC 2011 Launch!

February 14, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

We have been hearing the rumors about Xperia Play for months now. First people doubted its existence and then they doubted its release date. But with now everything out in an official fashion at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we all await the release of Xperia Play. Now that it has been launched, the release details are also following quickly. It seems Sony is not wasting any time in getting the Xperia Play out into the market.

The long-awaited mobile-gaming unit will be available first in the US and it should be up for order in March. The news is that Xperia Play has gone exclusively to Verizon Wireless in the US (another blow to AT&T after the Verizon iPhone launch) and it is set for a March release for sure. While the exact date is not yet known, it should not be too long at all before we have that too.

This should be a dream for Android fans, who will be able to explore a wide-variety of games up for grabs on Xperia Play. The European launch should be around the same time after which you might see the Xperia Play hit stores as well. We just cannot wait for March to come with so many gadgets set for a release in the month, but for now no price details have trickled in from the event in Barcelona.

While people didn’t line up at the Verizon stores for the iPhone, you think they will for Xperia Play? We expect lots of demand for the unit and as we try to uncover more details on the release, check out the MWC 2011 coverage right here on DeviceMag…

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