Ohno – Lemmings is 20!

February 14, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Cast your minds back to 1991 (if you can) – one of the top games on the 16-bit Amiga platform in those days was Lemmings, the addictive puzzler that featured legions of lemmings falling to their deaths if a path to safety couldn’t be found.

16-bit classic Lemmings celebrates 20 years

Remarkably it is now twenty years since that crazy game was launched, and this week the team behind the game – which launched Scotland’s video game industry – reunited to celebrate the game’s anniversary. Dundee based DMA Design were the team behind Lemmings, which was available not only on the Amiga but also a staggering 28 systems including Atari Lynx and ST, Nintendo’s NES, Game Boy, PlayStation 2 and 3 and Windows Mobile.

Now you might be thinking “Scotland has a gaming industry? So what?” but this isn’t a few iPhone game developers – it’s currently worth about £30m to the Scottish economy thanks to the Grand Theft Auto series which is developed by Edinburgh’s Rockstar North (a subsiduary of Rockstar Games) and in fact originated with DMA Design.

Starting off as just a celebration of a retro classic, the reunion of the development team will feature them giving talks and even attending a ceremony marking the location of the old DMA Design offices in Dundee!

What modern games could possible inspire such love in 20 years time?

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