BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet now set to be out in 4 different varieties: RIM announces HSPA+ & LTE models

February 14, 2011, By Shawn Wagnon

Interesting that we are already up to four and still counting… RIM has announced two new BlackBerry PlayBook 4G tablet varieties and that adds to the already existing 2 models. The two new models now official are the WiFi + LTE and WiFi + HSPA+ and they are coming along with the already unveiled WiFi only and WiFi + WiMax ones. Seems like RIM is hoping people will like at least one of the four already out!

While Samsung and Sony are making all the big headlines at MWC 2011, RIM is pretty keen on staying in the news with its own tablet. While the first two announced models should hit the US market by March (March 15 according to a few smart guesses), the LTE and HSPA+ models will apparently come in the second half of the year.

RIM is pretty keen on marketing the PlayBook as a cheap alternative to the more expensive Android tablets that seem to be rolling out (LG G-Slate, Xoom & Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1), even if it is not in the same league. It hopes to release the WiFi only model for less than $500 off-contract in an attempt to attract more customers.

Have the two new flavors of BlackBerry PlayBook got you interested?

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